Communal Pain Brings Healing

Something I’ve noticed in the past several weeks

As watch other people and bear witness

Are the incredible depths that everyone is hurting

With feelings of hurt, loss, and worthlessness

It isn’t a mood or a fleet passing fad

More a true nature of us in reality

We are all feeling pain carved into our souls

Leaving us bleeding, void, and empty


Imagine with me if you will

The scene of a great ship at sea going down

All the passengers around you are drowning

But you feel like you are the only one who is around

The only one falling, the only one cold

All you can see is you are about to go under

Not knowing that there is a whole ocean of people

Tossed in the water from a ship gone asunder


There should be no competition amongst us

To see whose pain is greater than whose

For we all have the scars of the battles we fight

Some we win and some others we lose

The best way we can move through our hurt

Is together one step at a time

We can lean on each other for understanding and strength

Bringing peace and rest to our minds



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