I Would Know You

Once upon a time I knew you

The        pull         between             us           was        our new gravity

Eager and fast

passion came through

needing to trace the curves of your body

Your breath upon my skin screamed in near silence                                                         your hunger

Your senses where what overtook you

My good sense betrayed me and let me

jump in

My own hunger became my identity

Your scent

Your taste

The feel of you

I soon became





You pressed on me for more and I gave you just enough

But it wasn’t


Now I know you but don’t. Not like before.

The world now has shape and structure

Like everything should be.

All is in its place. We are no longer lost to ourselves.

Boundaries are set and we abide by them.



I would know you again.

Like we were                                                                     before.

The thing is

I’m afraid

I lost you to



what      should  be


I would know you again.


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  1. vishal4u says:

    “The pull between us was our new gravity” I liked this sentence the most. You have emoted so many feeling in so less words. Passion, longiness, love everything. Great poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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