At Long Last I Have Found Her

I’ve been searching for you for some time now

My lover, my lady

The woman who resides in my mind

For far too long you have left me

I have looked for you in our usual places

Yet there is no trace of you

I’ve traveled over the great expanse

Only when we are face to face will I be through

Why it was here I don’t really know

My subconscious keeps more secrets than me

I found myself in a luxurious hotel room

A foreign land was all I could see from my balcony

The room was large, expensive, and old

Something from Italy or Paris

There I was all by my lonesome

Thinking of you out at night on my terrace

Then in one quick moment you came up behind me

Just as if you had always been there

Holding only a bed sheet to cover your body

Against the comfortable but slight chill of the air

You held me close with your arm

The other was clutching your sheet

You laid down your head on the back of my shoulder

The smell of your fragrance was calming and sweet

At first all we could do was stand there

Basking in the sounds of the city

I turned around to behold you at last

The conclusion to my long searching journey


There are truly no words to describe you

But in my feeble capacity I will try

You are nothing short of majestic

Your uplifting spirit makes me feel as if I could fly

In the mix of the evening and firelight

Coming from the hearth back inside

Any angel would be put to feel deepest envy

For the beautiful woman who stood at my side

The look in your eyes left no question

Of what you would have me to do

Standing up on your toes reaching to kiss me

Your sheet dropped to the floor of the room

Taking you up in my arms I crossed to the bed

Where I lay you down with the greatest of care

And we stepped out of time as our souls reconnected

How the time passed we would not be aware

I’d say that perhaps you don’t know just what

The effect that you have on my life

One look in my eyes is all you need know

There is no one else in the world that lives in my sight


For several days it is us making love as we please

Secluded in our palace of skin, sheets, and love

I would have Paradise wait for me to arrive

For I would stay here instead of my place up above




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