Seeking Righteousness

I’ve always been taken with the use of supernatural gifts

Whether you believe in God or not

Whether you believe in the supernatural

Other worldly, something else

There are plenty who ascribe to their use and validity.

And I am taken with them.


You will hear people tell of their stories where they were healed

Miraculous recovery that can only be attributed to a higher power

Words of wisdom and knowledge to speak life to someone else

Great feats of strength to save someone from certain doom

Messages from those long past to bring closure to those living

Left behind

And I am taken with them.


I have always thought how incredible it would be if I were to have some ability such as these

To be witness to power that is not mine, but is acting in front of me

To do something incredible for others

So I wonder…why not?

Some people think you are born with these and it’s just luck of the draw

Others believe that God bestows spiritual gifts to those he chooses to give them


But if what I am told from what I believe is true

Then the same miraculous power that graced the earth thousands of years ago

To heal

To restore

To speak

To call fire

To split water

To raise the dead

Should still be there for me to use for Him if I believe


I believe.

I am saved through no effort of my own but His

I did not earn it

If anything my salvation should have been kept from me because I tell you I did not deserve it

It was given to me by Him who loves me

I believe.

So, I believe, but still this power is not in me.

I pray, but I do not heal.

I speak, but I have no words to offer

I ask, but there is no prophecy.

I am powerless.

The Word says “seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you”.

I read this and read this and said “God I’m seeking!”

I read and read and read until one day I finally heard.

You seek my kingdom, yes; but not my righteousness.

All in one day it all made sense

I had always doubted my ability to be one of those old school apostles who cast out demons in the name of Jesus

I knew that should I have been there they would have laughed in my face

You think that thought would have given me a clue

Through His blood I am righteous with God, but I haven’t been seeking His righteousness


Not like I could have

Not like I should have

And I wonder why no power is in me




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  1. Indeed, how to fix it! I happy someone wanted to continue the thought. I try to read more scripture and uplifting things to feed positivity into myself rather than things that would bring me down. I try to focus on living and conducting myself more like Him. It’s a daily struggle to put myself aside, but its one that is well worth it.

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    1. Just a thought. You wrote;
      “To heal
      To restore
      To speak
      To call fire
      To split water
      To raise the dead”

      Who says you can not? But it would still have to be God’s will. He knows what he is doing. We have free will and we have power but that does not mean we can change the things He has started. Not if they are His will.

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