From the Dark Underbelly

I was pretty content to live my life in mediocrity along with everyone else.

Finishing existence on the periphery

No trouble, no muss, no fuss

That didn’t seem to be in the cards for me though

I would be thrown feet first into the world that no one sees

The darkness that contains the monsters we all fear

The evil that we don’t want to admit is there

But it is

There are those who command the impossible and do the extraordinary

Magics and incantations to thwart the laws of nature

Monsters so large, so fast, so deadly

You wouldn’t sleep if you knew they really existed

And here I am, plumb straight in the middle


See the thing is, I can’t die.

There have been plenty that came before me that searched for this ability

To live on through the ages forever, but no luck

After living with this for so long

They were the lucky ones

How I got this way I couldn’t even begin to tell you

Just one day something happened to me that should have killed me

But it didn’t.

I wake up, shrug it off and go on with things.

No one seems to know how it works, who gave it to me, IF someone gave it to me

I think maybe I’m cursed

In any case, it doesn’t look like I’m going anywhere anytime soon

So may as well make use of myself


There’s a dark underbelly to the world we can’t see

I’m just put in the middle of it, watching it all go by

I try to make a difference where I can, but there’s always more to do

Suits me just fine; I hate being bored


*from a character  idea for possible short stories, comics, or books*



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