I Would Write About You, but I Won’t

I would write about you

But then you would know

That you were on my mind

Afraid your story would show

The things you said to me I have kept

Locked in my vault of compliance

Still when see you drowning in sorrow

I want to reach out to keep you from dying


I would write about you

But then others may see

The hurt and the pain you are feeling inside

A private knowledge made public because of me

So to keep your confidence safe

And the things you shared protected

I will watch you from the sidelines

The only words that you offer inspected


I would write about you

But I don’t feel that I should

I could offer up my own insights

A unique look at my particular world

Something clever or witty perhaps

Words that would make you smile

That wouldn’t be much help to your though

Walking along your own painful mile


I would write about you

But I’ve made up my mind that I won’t

I would rather keep you safe with me

Than look for you one day to be gone

Just know that my heart breaks for you

And the struggle you find yourself fighting

When all that I have to offer in help are the care of my words

You can bet that you will find me here for you, not writing.





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  1. I love this…it’s so heartfelt, raw and truthful. This style of writing is my favourite…beautiful 🙂


    1. Thank you very much. Especially after reading that you don’t arbitrarily hand out likes (thank you for that by the way), that means a lot. I’m glad it spoke to you.

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      1. No fakery with me. I blog and read blogs because I simply love writing and reading. I am so glad I found your blog, I’m actually quite mesmerised by it to be honest, what I’ve read so far…it’s made me go all still, with nerves standing on end. It’s pretty crazy how writing can touch us like this!

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        1. I’m really honored, thank you. I try to bring some variety in what I write, but I’ll come back around to familiar territory on some things if no other reason just to process how I feel in the moment. You never know how your words will resonate with people. I’m glad you enjoy them.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. It’s true, emotional processing does mean we often have to revisit the same writing topics over and over. Time spent writing is never wasted in my mind. Your words most definitely do resonate…and I want to add that this particular post is one of the most “honest” and vulnerable posts I’ve read in a long time. It makes me warm to you as you’re so open. I’m like that too, an open channel.

            Liked by 1 person

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