Future Me

I’m working on a new training regimen

One where I don’t see myself

But what I could be

The Future me


He’s in there somewhere, just under the surface

Under the grey, under the gut

I see him and he helps me find the path to where we meet

Where one day I won’t be the only one who sees him


No longer a reflection in my mind’s eye

But out for everyone to see

Proud and tall

The one who smiles confidently, still with some grey

-cause let’s face it, it kinda works


He’s funny and well liked

Not too different from me now

Just happier

I see you in there, Future me

Soon they will see you too


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  1. I look forward to meeting future you

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    1. Me too. He’s in there somewhere. A lot wiser than I am for sure. Also one who doesn’t get winded as easily.

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      1. I wonder when I’ll ever get to a point of inner satisfaction with myself…I have an image of my future self too, but I could do with someone holding the stepladder so I can climb the rungs to reach her! I’m sure writing this blog will be instrumental in you evolving as a human being 🙂

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        1. It’s been a tremendous help so far and I’ve only been at it about two months. Oh to think of what things will be like a year from now.

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          1. That’s fabulous!! yay! onwards and upwards, relapse and recovery, self knowledge growing every day. Lush blogger people like me to cheerlead you. What could be more therapeutic 🙂

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  2. Mimi says:

    Here’s to the future you! He sounds a lot like the future me!

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  3. MultidimensionalHE says:

    I look forward to meeting future you and me. I have a gut too. It makes my shirts fit silly. 🙁

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    1. I have declared war on my belly. I will soon vanquish it.

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      1. MultidimensionalHE says:

        Lol I hope to do that too

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