You Inspired Me to Dance

I’m not one who is normally up for dancing

Content to myself I keep to the side

Watching other people take their spot on the floor

See them move with their partners, dip and then glide

Secure as a wallflower I held my strong perch

But it was you who inspired me to move

You were not content to dance all alone

So you pulled me into your own groove

I was unable to refuse you; I was transfixed from the start

By the way that your dress clung to your figure

You then beckoned me on with the sway of your hips

For just but a moment I was frozen and lingered

Once one foot set out the other did follow

I tried not to think it too much

Just let it flow and follow your lead

Responding to the sense of your touch

It wasn’t a moment the dance floor was clear

All around me but you had but vanished

Through the melody we continued our dance hand in hand

In a spirit that would leave me soon famished

The heat from your body up against mine

Brought forth emotion I had long since thought dead

The look in your eyes made me feel more the man

Who had discarded any past fear or dread

When the music had stopped I did not know when

But our dance continued on its own

Then the world had returned to my view all around me

Where I realized through their expression we were done

You held my hand sure and then kissed my lips

Saying so much without saying a word

Then disappearing forever to where I know not

Who you were I had never once heard

You inspired me to dance and now I go on

I continue to move on my own

I tango with others and make my own song

Because of you I have gone on and grown

Even though the one who sits out isn’t me

I still remember that man

Who for that one moment in time had learned how to dance

Feeling passion that you touched and began





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