Mortality in the Distance

I stared off into mortality again

To get a better look at its face

All I can see is how I don’t want it to go

Praying that as I age I receive grace


It’s a normal thing to contemplate your own future

To wonder where you will wind up down the road

Who you will meet along your journey

And who you will take with you in tow


My wish is to do well in spite of myself

On my own I will only cause failure

Please God grant me strength to run till the end

And keep my stance and composure


Though I look to the distance, it’s still a ways off

Not just around the bend

I’ll enjoy all of life and what it will give me

Before I come to my end




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  1. Are you super old? 😉 Ageing is pretty crazy…we all have to go through it but it’s still a pretty bonkers thing to contemplate. I’ve been contemplating similar issues lately in today’s vlog. I love your line “My wish is to do well in spite of myself” Classic line that…that’s what I wish to.

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    1. LOL, no I’m not super old. I had dinner with an aunt and uncle last night that I haven’t seen in years. They are pretty old. She has ALS and he’s starting to have memory problems. Just seeing them put that stuff on my mind today

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      1. No wonder. I really dislike going to places were there are lots of older people-I get kinda sad, especially when I don’t feel they’re happy


        1. They were actually traveling and were going to be in our area so we saw them when they stopped for dinner. I agree though, I don’t like the retirement homes that much.

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