The Love of the Fight

No matter how many times it happens

The anticipation hits me every time

The moment just before the moment

Where my energy builds up on the inside


My adrenaline hits my blood stream

As my muscles respond to my command

Drawing my weapon I move on forward

To engage my opponent where he stands

The movements go on with ferocity

As our bodies know just where to move

Dancing this dance as much as we have

Each strike hits home and is true

I cannot help but feel like a child

With my imagination saving the world in my room

In my backyard wielding a stick like a sword

A deadly warrior with the handle of a broom

The spirit continues as I press my attack

My fate is sealed from the start

I continue despite the lines in the script

Placing my enemy’s weapon to my heart

We lunge and parry through the fight as we do

We have met with each other many times

Each one of us getting better each meet

In our discourse in between spoken rhymes

In the end of our contest his weapon hits true

I go down despite my intention

A glorious death I do suffer in spectacle

The scene will continue toward intermission


Upon the dim of the lights I spring to my feet

A smile is upon my face

The stage fight is where you will find me the most

Feeling just right in my place





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    1. Stage combat is one of my favorite things. I was the fight choreographer for a production of Romeo and Juliet a couple of years ago. That was a fun show to do.

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      1. Really?! Cool!!! Way cool!

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