Bring Forth the Rain

I stand, close my eyes, and listen

I feel the change in the air

Rain is on the horizon

I open my eyes and look to see where


I see no storm clouds in the distance

Or signs of water from the sky

Still I feel the onset of the storm

The one that could make everything go awry


See, that’s the problem with storms

They are a necessity of life

For with them they bring life giving water

But in their wake they leave chaos and strife


Without them we are left in drought

Left alone to suffer in our thirst

Till the day when the water indeed does come

Not caring if the rain brings the worst


We are in desperate need of the rain now-a-days

It has been too long since water has fallen

We are dry and dusty without the provision

Left withering away, depressed, and sullen


Come soon rain clouds, oh tumultuous sky

Let the storm bring what it will

Now no matter the wind that brings the destruction

The rain will renew and will fill



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Is that photo one you took of the area you live? Atmospheric writing 😊

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    1. Thank you. Not a local pic, just a good one I found on Google

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  2. “We are dry and dusty…” we are, we are. What a nourishing piece this is and it reads like the cascade of rain. I adore rainstorms and your poem brought to mind the healing of a storm.

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    1. Thank you. I love rainstorms. I’ve written about them before. It also so happens my area is in drastic need of literal rain. It felt appropriate.


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