Growing Weary

I am cursed, a truly wretched thing
I feel a selfish evil at work inside me
It comes against me again and again
Unrelenting and forever inciting
It knows just what will tempt me
Using my cursed eyes to bring me in
A flirtatious word to  stroke my ego
In one  swift stroke I am back in my sin
I grow tired of fighting even in victory
When I win it feels like I lose
I want to go on in peace but that’s not my fate
Each day I am forced again to choose
There are times I consider what it would be like
To relent and give in to my nature
Pursuing those things that plague
And bask in a world of my pleasure
In the face of my challenge I remember my place
As the head of my family at home
I am more than just me and my selfish pursuits
I must push on forth till my battle is won

There are times though where I still grow weary…


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  1. Mmm, I relate to these feelings myself. Your honesty is compelling-I admire writers who lay themselves bare. Good job 👍

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    1. Thank you. On stuff like this I just have to be honest

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      1. Definitely. Honesty is an appealing trait in the era of social media fakery-I hope writing this was of some help to you.

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