The Sword on My Back

Feeling lost and a little bit astray

I looked to you for guidance

Where should I go, what should I do

I had asked you these questions more than once

As I heard the music play and voices lift on high

I had a peculiar feeling

A plate of armor was adorned on my chest

A sword hung on my back that was gleaming

Greaves made from the chains that held me

Now adorned my arms

Protection or a whip to fight my enemies

My newfound armor had its very own charm

You reminded me that I was a warrior

One certainly to be feared

A member of royalty I would go on my path

Looking to you I would be faithfully steered

The armor I was given was special

But the sword was what caught my eye

A weapon that was made especially for me

In whose use I should never be shy

The blade gleamed like nothing under heaven

Its sheen and shine almost glowed

The handle in gold had the same magic light

It was truly unlike anything I had seen or known

The sabre was light in my hand

As if an extension of my hand

Looking to the hilt I found a large ruby

A blade meant for a prince who would inherit this land

Kneeling I made myself known

I was grateful for all I was given

Reminded that these were mine all along

When I had accepted the King who rules Heaven


*I couldn’t find a good picture to show what the sword looks like, but this gives a good feel for it*



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