What You Don’t See On my Face

Today I want to fight

I want to strike out and make someone bleed

To move fast and send my rage on to someone else

To see read and breathe fire

To hurt and to bleed and gasp for air through my lungs

Not to care about who gets in my way

To stand among my enemies with clenched fists

To be spent


Today I want to argue

To go against someone in every single way no matter if I’m right

As long as I’m not wrong

To punch holes in your defenses

Bringing you down to your knees reeling from my words

To show you all your weaknesses and rub your nose in them

To be mean

To be ruthless


Today I want to fuck

To come against you in all physicality and just drown in lust

Casting my conscious mind aside and not care about what happens in the next little while

To make you mine

To have you beg for more of me

Inside you and out

To feel your nails on my back, your skin on my tongue

To be inside you and drive you speechless less all you can do is cream


Today I want to run

I want to fly so fast that the world peels away

Where my lungs have no more air and my muscles burn with acid

To exhaust myself to the point where I drop

Unable to move

To find myself some place I do not know and have never been

To see my feet bleed because my shoes have worn through and all that is left are the bloody souls of my feet


Today I want to break

To see the tension in my head finally snap and give way

To release this inside of me somewhere else

To scream, to lash out, to rage

Visiting my anger, lust, energy on someone else who is willing but soon realizes this isn’t what they signed up for

To go so far and so fast that there is none of me left

None of my left


If I’m broken someone can pick up the pieces and do something better




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  1. Shit day huh, me too. I’m sorry. I understand.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a bad day per se, just in a weird mood. My writing today reflects it a little.

      Liked by 1 person

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