Holding Out For a Hero

There’s something I don’t understand

So I plead you will reveal me

The answer to that which perplexes me so

And sends my comprehension reeling


When I think of those we claimed as heroes

Those who stood out of the crowd

They were people who were extraordinary

Those who threw off their circumstances and refused to cow down


Men and women who stood up for what’s right

Taking a stand in the face of injustice

They looked at the world and vowed to make it better

Their purpose in live and drive was just this


So far this makes sense

I just wanted to lay out the ground work

For my confusion that vexes me

In no time our bar has been set short


Today the hero is the dad who works

The father who comes home

A man who actually wants to spend time with his family

Can you see where things have gone wrong?


This was the rule not the exception

In our existence on earth

When did this fall into the mystical unicorn?

It’s like men have cast aside their own worth


It’s like men grew into boys

Who are obsessed with their own joys

And pursuing new toys

And forgetting there are boys who watch them

We are supposed to look to our fathers for what it means to be a man

When all we see are men who are still boys

It’s like we are ushering in a generation of kids from Neverland who sing

I’ll never grow up, not me

Just who did you think they were going to be?

We’ll have to wait and see


And please don’t dismiss it’s not just the boys who are losing

But our daughters who are poorly choosing

Which men-boys they allow into their lives

They should be shown how much they are worth

Told how beautiful they are

Trained and bought up to be strong, smart, and gracious

But most would rather have them weak, gullible, and easy

It’s just all too sleazy

Wake up!


It’s not cool anymore to go along like a thug

Scratch that, it wasn’t cool from the start

You say you want better for you kids then prove it

Be the man you were supposed to be

Not some lazy piece of society

And bring back the heroes of old

Where our standard were the parents who worked hard

And did right

And brought up their kids as they were

Our heroes need to be bold in our communities

They need to work and build and speak for those who can’t

Heroes go above and beyond that of any mortal man

To reach out and help up those who can’t stand

The hero is the man, woman, and yes child, who sets out with a plan


Dare to be better

Be a man and father first.

Be a woman and mother first.

With enough men and women, not children, in our midst the heroes will rise

The heroes of old

The ones who make us proud

The ones who inspire

The ones who move you to be a better man or woman

To be your own hero



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