One Look

I knew the touch of your skin under the tips of my fingers

The scent of your hair

The smell of your skin- the mix of sweat and something sweet

The subtle sound you would make in a sigh

I knew the small way your mouth turned in your smile

I felt the heat of your body against mine

The feel of your lips ā€“ strong yet tender

I saw how you moved with an illustrious grace

A woman in knowledge of her body

Comfortable and confident you knew who you were

And you knew who I saw underneath

My mind raced as it traced along the curves of your body

Small things that would be hidden would not escape me

What imperfections you would claim make you more real

For I do not want anything fake in my fantasy

You were mine to do with as I wished

And once you are mine you are mine forever

The feel of you ā€“ inside and out

Your lips, your tongue

Your nails on my skin

Your body pressed against mine merging into one

All of these things I have inside one look



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  1. sudershana says:

    Beautifully penned!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your words very much.


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