Outside of Time

I know you, but not as I would want to

My heart is not content to watch from the sideline

We talk with one another in smiles and well wishes

Never meant to be together in time

But in the back of my mind you are with me there

Not in time, but stepping outside

Where we can come together as our bodies would want

At last being free to take passion and ride

Pushing through anticipation and never-ending ache

I am elated at the touch of you

You press in to me with even more force

It feels like you make your way through

Outside of time there is no clock

That tells of the time when we part

A half step of eternity still brings us forever

No sooner finished then when we did start

In the blink of an eye all the time will have passed

A rude awakening to a most beautiful dream

Back in to time we continue to walk

Moving on in our own private stream

I do not know if you bring me with you

Just as I take you with me

In that moment I take just outside of time

With you in our own forever

In that moment no happier could I be


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