The Cyborg of London

Opening my eyes I struggle to remember

Where last I remember my footing

I recall coming down a cobblestone street

And came upon a pair of men looting

Stepping forward to confront them, I engaged them straight through

The two overcame me quite fast

With a horrible thrust to the road I was thrown

My interference they had put in their past

The pain was only in an instant

As a carriage struck hard in my side

My arm was on fire hotter than the sun

Then blackness was came as I cried

No pain anymore but still something odd

I can’t quite place exactly what it is

Rising out of bed to see what ails me

I quickly realize that it is this!

My arm is no more but still something else

It’s all machine, gears, and metal

It moves as it should as if it were mine

Shining as bronze appears on a kettle

“Please take it easy, you’ve been through a shock”

From a voice in the corner of the room

Stepping forward is a man with gloves, goggles, and vest

Taking care in his opening move

“I was there in the street when you took your bad fall

I could not leave you there in your state.

I did what I could.  You would have certainly died.

The damage to your body was great”

I look at my hands, one of flesh – one of steel

They both flex at once with my thoughts

I could not believe this was really happening to me

My mind quickly flew to distraught

“Please remember to breathe, I know this is jarring”

Said the inventor as he came to my side

“But in time you will learn to live life like normal

You just need to recover in stride”

Six months now have passed and I am now someone else

Who does battle with the scum of the street

For the arm that I have has given me strength

That no other man around me can meet

With the help of the inventor I press on to justice

With my arm and his tools at my use

So that no other one here may know pain as I had

And never again fall to abuse.


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    1. Thank you very much. I’m glad you enjoyed the read.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Deepika says:

        It’s my pleasure!


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