The Time Assassin

The gunman ran up the stairs so swiftly

I had to do all I could to keep up

Time was ticking for him to make target

All I had to do was distract him to stop

He moved through the door of the stairs up ahead

Trying to close it back as I followed

I met him in time to press on the fight

Determination in my brow that was furrowed

I was pushed to the floor with a sudden rush

He had to time to waste on me

Rushing to his weapon he steadied himself

Proceeding to count down from three

I could not fail now I had come way too far

Through the stretches of time I had traveled

Back to this point where it all went wrong

Where reality itself was unraveled

I jumped to my feet for one last charge

I charged forward with my last ounce of strength

I could only hope that this was enough

To close distance over the separating length

I reached him in a moment but not all was as planned

I remember hearing the count come to one

Even though I had brought the assassin to ground

He still managed one shot from his gun

As I looked in his face to see if I failed

His look was as puzzled as I

We stood up to make out just what had transpired

If indeed his target did die

History had just been changed

I could only hope it was for the better

For my memory of exactly what I was here for

Is fading away and not getting any clearer


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