Werewolf in the Old West

Harsh rain falls through the thunder clouds

Bringing the wet cold that will rust

Still I stay stalwart out here on my perch

So I can vanquish my vile prey into dust

The creature has killed and maimed

The town now lives in fear

So tonight I have come to set things right

But first I have to coax the beast to come near

By the light of the moon evil makes its way

With no regard to man, woman, or child

With the full moon overhead as it is tonight

I know I’ll find the wolf when it’s most wild

My grip on my weapon has not lessened at all

I must be ready to draw in a flash

The silver bullet that resides ready in chamber

Brings swift death to the creature that lasts

Tales such as these most people refute

Believing instead in their gears and their tracks

The monster of steam rules high and mainstream

People looking forward but never look back

The darkness I face is old but still here

Lycanthropy has lived through the ages

Stop it I will with the gun at my side

Before destruction it brings when it rages

Off in the distance I see the large form

Of a beast that walks on two legs

Slowly I bring my gun up to bear

To its target my bullet does beg

The hammer clicks back and for a moment I pause

To slow my breath and steady my shot

Its head slightly turns as it almost suspects

But it’s warning will be all for naught

The trigger is pulled and the beast falls down

The hunt over as soon as it started

I move over to check and confirm my swift kill

And look on the beast I beat and outsmarted

The town will now dream a sweeter dream tonight

Moving on with its progress of iron

With no fear of a furious claw or the bite

That this animal has brought and inspired

As I look down upon my felled foe in the rain

The change is almost complete

No longer a dog but a man lying there

Taking their last breaths at my feet

Through a weak, shaking voice and a finger outstretched

It points to just to over my shoulder

He whispers a warning too soft to my ear

That It’s not over, behind there’s another


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