Checking in with the book

After being off on a bit of a mini vacation over the weekend, I am back at things today. So far I have hit the 16,000 word mark, still making me a full day ahead of schedule.  I hope to do another 1500 before today is out to get me an additional day.  I should be able to get it done.

I love seeing the tips and encouragement that everyone is posting out on WordPress. This is a good bit of an undertaking and I can see why people may not finish.  Life tends to get in the way and fill your time.  I had plenty of things to try to knock out this morning before I could even get started.  You may also get about halfway in to things, wonder if what you are doing is really any good at all and just throw your hands up and the audacious thought you could actually do something like this.

Come on, guys! For those of you going through the trenches towards your 50,000 word counts, stick to it.  Make a breakdown of what you need to get done day by day and stick with it.  Take in to account other things you have to take care of and plan around it.  I know my weekends are already taken up with family stuff so I already know that I can only write during the week.  I have planned accordingly.  Trust me folks, if I can do it, you certainly can.  Stay strong and press on towards the finish line!


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