Writing some more, but today was a little rougher

I’m pushing on with more writing again today. I’m still ahead of my schedule by about two days, but getting the chapters done today took a little more work.  I hit a pair of chapters where there was a lot of talking and not so much action.  Looking ahead I’ve got some more talky chapters.  If it moves the story forward then fine, but there is one in particular that I may have to rework.  I don’t think I want to drop it yet, but maybe bring forth a relationship a little more than I have outlined.  I’m juggling two storylines back and forth and it looks like one becomes more dominant right until the last few chapters.  I’ll sleep on it and see what I think tomorrow.

Has anyone else had that problem where you need to adjust your pacing or action to fill in some gap in the storyline? If so, any tips or anecdotes?


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