Respite from the Chaos

The time and space in which I fill has become…busy

Don’t get me wrong I do not start my own poor sad song

I just lend my words strong to press through the throng

To break through the madness and for a moment be still


Things are good and productive

I have things to show for my time

I just find myself today a bit weary

My eyes don’t see too clearly

I am quiet to all those who are near me


I just need a moment


I would love to sleep just a few more hours

Or sit and just do nothing but ponder

To let my mind roam free and just let me be me

Let my mind’s eye open wide if only just to see

To take in air in my lungs and …breathe

That is all I need


My time for rest has not yet come

In fact I will not see it for a while

My commitments have made me a slave to activity

I go on in the work of my own captivity

There is no one at fault but me


So for a moment I hold and bring to my mind a short rest

A respite from my day until I finish my quest

To come home one day and feel in my chest

That I don’t have to go scurrying along just like the rest

That my life will no longer be too…busy

But instead will be rather quite easy

Where the feeling of my day is nothing but breezy


Sounds good right? Is anyone with me?



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  1. This is fantastic! Yes, no wonder you crave all these things after all your writing. I crave the same things. I hear you x I also wanna apologise for not having been in touch with you hardly at all lately. I’ve been in my cave but I miss you 😘

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    1. Thank you. I figured you’ve been busy churning out all kinds of vlogs and posts (you have been rather busy). Let me know what’s up with you and how things are going. It has been far too long!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll email you later, or chat on Facebook messenger?


        1. I could get to my email better during the day than the messenger.

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