The Boldness of People

I miss the boldness of people

The passion that just can’t be ignored

The drive that causes you to lose sleep at night

No one could dissuade you from what you were sure

Words meant something when they were said

Because they carried with them weight

Action and promise were in the bones of strong people

Leaders struck a chord in which others could relate

There were no lame excuses or shameful, sad looks

The truth was in what people believed

People spoke with conviction in each thing they said

Never content with a feeling of relief


Now we are cowed to not raise our heads

For fear that we would offend our neighbor

Not that we should seek out conflict with one another

Just put value in the work of your labor

We all cry great foul when we feel at least slighted

But will never step forth to stand firm

When real injustice brings its ugly head

At best we go online and squirm


Is ego tied to boldness? Of that I am sure

But I’m no longer convinced that it is all evil

We now have no sense of self and will go right along

In whatever false lie we are fed as a people

I want to have the audacity to stand up and hurt someone’s feelings

It’s almost like I have to press that hard to make an impression

And shake off that apathy that has weighed you all down

It’s time to step on in to a new season


Be bold but be wise I cannot stress this enough

I pray you are smart enough to know you don’t have all the answers

Don’t temper your voice just because someone else there is loud

To consider what they say isn’t too bad a choice

Be part of the discussion and don’t shrink away

Step up and let your voice be heard

Live your life each day with an unbridled passion

Great power you will wield in the use of your words



4 Comments Add yours

  1. This is very empowering hun 🙂 Wise words. Summer.


      1. Deepika says:

        You’re welcome!!


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