It couldn’t be helped…I had to rewrite

I managed to pass the mark where I am now a third of the way into my first revision of the book front NaMoWriMo. Chapter 11 is a scene that’s a first date between two characters that ended up having to be completely rewritten.  This was my shortest chapter to date and the hardest one I had written as part of the whole so to say I had some reservations going into this one would be pretty accurate.  I still have some more to go on the rewrite (I should be able to knock it out tomorrow) at least I now have an idea of what will happen and have some stuff going on to make it interesting.  I can write a giant, epic fight scene all day long, but ask me to build a romantic relationship and I have trouble.  I mean really, that stuff is harder than it looks.  Most of the chapters I have up till now have had some additions and just general clean up to make then better.  I was hoping to avoid a complete rewrite, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen.  It’s all good though, it will make the story better.


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