Taking a breather

Ok, I need a break. I am officially half way through the first edit and revision to my NaNoWriMo book.  I’m still trying to get through this before I get to Christmas but I’m not quite sure.  So far it has just been a matter of editing some things or fleshing out some scenes or adding characters in that ended up being important later in the book, but no real rewrites.  My chapter eleven ended up being a complete rewrite, but that’s ok, it was definitely called for and I was happy with how it turned out.  What I’m dreading a little bit is getting on towards the ending.  The grand scheme of things should be intact I think but there are some major scenes that will have to be rewritten.  I’m afraid it’s going to take me past my personal deadline of the week before Christmas.

I wanted to get this printed and roughly bound for a Christmas present and also to have some copies to give out to beta readers. If I miss my deadline, it won’t be by much.  Still, halfway through is a pretty good bench mark and I’m taking a break for the rest of the day (maybe).

To look at the numbers, if I pair my revision totals with what I have in the first draft I have a book of just over 64,000 words; my goal was to get it around 75,000. So with fifteen chapters remaining, I have about 11,000 more words to go to get to where I want my first revision to be.  I think that’s totally doable.  But then I think about the inevitable rewrites and I get a little hesitant.

As with stuff like this it’s easy to look at the big picture of everything and just get overwhelmed. “An additional 11K words in a week and a half?!”  Well, yeah.  You turned out 52,000 in 14 work days didn’t you?  You can do 11 in 7 days.  That breaks down to 1571 words a day.  That’s 733 additional words for each chapter.  See?  That’s not that bad.  You have to do this one day at a time.


There’s also the thought that once this is completed and off to beta readers, what will I do then? I know the waiting to get feedback can be horrible but I need to fill my time with something.


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