And the Writing Continues!

Yesterday was a cool writing day for me. I finished a series of short stories that flow together into one for and their publications for 2017.  I got everything submitted in hopes that it will be chosen.  I’m currently looking out for other literary magazines and other publications like that to keep me writing but still take a break away from my novel.  I’m still working to keep in practice of writing something.  My submission yesterday I thought was pretty funny; I just hope it reads like that to someone that isn’t in my head.  Time will tell.

I also went by the local printer place and got the copies of the first revision for my first book. I have copies now to hand out to some local beta readers (I don’t have all of them chosen yet.  Give me a break I haven’t done all this stuff before).  It was pretty surreal to hold something printed and bound that I wrote.  It’s pretty cool.  It gives me more encouragement to press on and hopefully see it done as a full book sitting on a book store shelf.  *fingers crossed* There is still a lot to do before then.  I have beta reader feedback to look at, at least another revision to come over the next few weeks, and then I start sending out to literary agents.  Whew!  It sure is a process but I’m sure those who have gone through it would say it’s well worth the trouble.

So we will see what craziness I manage to come up with over the Christmas break. I’m going to work on churning out some short stories and maybe a few more poems (it’s been a while since I’ve had any of those.)  It should give me plenty of stuff to come back with on here and to send in to places to see about maybe getting it published.  Cool thought, huh?

So until next time, I wish everyone a very merry Christmas! Thanks for reading!


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