My 2016 and then what comes next

In hearing people talk about 2016 and how it went, you tend to hear it mostly in a negative connotation.   Personally, this last year was a pretty good one for me.  I got a job promotion that I had been working over a year to get, I began writing – first some poetry – then on to write a full manuscript for a novel.  I’ve started a blog and met some amazing writers and bloggers.   I’ve rediscovered my love for the theatre and submitted a proposal for my directorial debut.  Today my family is closer and stronger than we have been before and even though we are not where we would choose to be, we are taking steps now to get there in the coming year.   

2016 was good to me and I am excited about 2017.  I have some concrete goals and ways to improve things I’m already doing.  I plan to make my blogs a regular once a week posting and to write something (no matter the length) every day.  I hope to be approved for my show and by this time next year have literary representation for my book.   

I wish the best for everyone this year.   We are only limited by the mix of dreaming and planning for what we want in life.  Before I’ve done nothing but dream.   Now that I have a plan in front of me, what was once impossible is now attainable.


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