I’ve Got a New Story…

I had been spending the past week or two looking into different writing contests. My book is still out to beta readers and I’m trying to keep up writing.  I figured a few smaller engagements in short stories may give me different things to pour myself into and maybe win some stuff along the way.  Well, in working on a short story about a ghost (which I used the term ghost a little differently) I actually finished the story thinking, “You know, this would make a pretty good novel.”

And so the story idea for my next book has been planted. It’s more of a romantic/steampunk/adventure story and it started fleshing itself out in my head pretty quickly.  I have a general idea of where the story will go but now I need to world build and make some character profiles.  My main cast always is easy to get but I need a better supporting cast.  I can’t help but feel that was a weaker spot in my first book, it’s all main characters.  There could be more with other characters that help move the story along.  I want to give it a better go around here.

Part of me is a little apprehensive about getting started though. I can see the tons of work ahead of me with this one and I can’t help but wonder if I can do it.  I’m still really new to fiction writing and I can’t help but think that this is a pretty good idea but a little too ambitious for me.  I have had some things come my way that help reaffirm what I’m doing and give some discussion on to what it feels like on the downside of writing.  I take all this as a good sign that I’m not alone in all this and commit to marching forward.

Ok, off to work…


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  1. Attempting something too large for your abilities and failing is far more rewarding than not attempting it at all. I must have the first few pages to a dozen high fantasy “novels” that I started when I was young and heavily influenced by The Lord of the Rings. Each failure helped me get a better view of my abilities, understand better why my stories were not working, and write better the next time. Plus, after enough tries, someday you finally attempt something too big only to realize that you have exactly what it takes to succeed.

    As far as supporting characters go, I was blown away by the secondary characters in The Count of Monte Christo. Dumas wove his bit players into and out of the story several times, which made their overall impact greater than the sum of their scenes. After I’ve written a story, I always try to distill the contribution of each character to see if there are multiple characters which could be combined into one. This usually helps make the story feel tighter, and having each side character play two or three small parts, instead of just one, helps the reader remember your characters and storyline.

    -Anderson Ryle

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    1. I’m still going to go for the story. I can manage it as long as I break it up into manageable pieces; I just need to outline what happens when and flesh out the rest of an outline. I think the secondary cast will come with practice. At least I’m aware of something I need to work on.

      Did you ever turn out one of the novels you started?


  2. None of my fantasy work. I might get back to it someday.

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  3. allylmare says:

    Can’t wait for it! 😀


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