A Struggle with Writing and a Party

To say that things have been a little crazy lately would be a bit of an understatement. Things at work have picked up drastically and will be at an elevated status of “plenty of stuff to do” for the next 8 weeks.  Once I get to the beginning of April all will be well and things will supposedly slow down enough for where we are trying to find stuff to do, and that is plenty of good writing time.

In the meantime, my ability to get words to paper is hampered quite a bit. My weekends so far have been packed with stuff.  Good stuff, mind you – but still stuff.    I endeavor to get in a little here and there as I go through the day but I make no promises as to its quality.  But some stuff is better than no stuff right?  Right.

About a little over a week ago I was there for the Facebook house party for Filles Vertes Publishing. The staff was on hand for questions and to tell people about them and their company.  They also had some great contests and giveaways for some awesome stuff (yours truly scored some great review stuff).  Thanks to everyone there for a great launch party.  You will definitely be hearing from me.  Interested to check them out, go visit fillesvertespublishing.com




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