I am officially back in the editing chair! Having taken a few weeks away to write a few smaller things or just take a mental break, I have returned to take a final edit to my manuscript before I ship it off to begin queries.  This will take a good bit of time still, but at this point it’s really just more cleanup with words and making sure my thoughts make sense.  I like the story and the characters in it and I think it would do alright.  I’ve gone through chapter 4 of 29, so there is still plenty of cleanup to do, but that final march to “Please-represent-my-book” land is at hand.

Work is still busy and it will be for the coming weeks, so my availability to get in some editing done will be limited, but my goal is to at least stay up with a chapter a day. I’ve got a handful of agents already scouted out so I’ll be doing some extra homework and getting ready to build query letters.

All in all, things are going well. How about all you others out there?  Let me know how your projects are going.  Or if not, what do you wanting to start?


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  1. Ben says:

    Really interested to see how you get on. I’m a way from getting to that stage, but am writing every day, working on shorter stuff and MA projects while my main project is in the drawer.

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    1. You have the right idea. Getting into the habit of writing something every day is very key.

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      1. Ben says:

        Doing a 50-word story every day has been a revelation really. Ensuring I come up with something new every day, some of which will expand to a 500-word, others longer, others perfect for just 50 words. Keep us updated.

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