I Forgot About National Poetry Month

I was rolling through Twitter this morning, putting up my latest #authorconfession, when I saw that April was National Poetry Month. This thought, like so many others, had at once point been put into my brain and then subsequently forgotten.


At present, I am working through a general writing funk to begin a rewrite of my first novel and just having trouble finding my muse. I have the story plotted out and I know where I want to go, but the excitement of sitting down and knocking out words just hasn’t been there.  I realize that any serious writer must condition themselves to work through the days where you “just don’t feel like it” and write anyway.  If you feel like it or not, you still need words on the page.  I had hoped that by setting some actual goals for myself through #campnanowrimo would help me get started, but alas, I haven’t.


Fun Fact: I didn’t get started writing with prose.  It was actually poetry.  For about two months I would work and turn out about two pieces a day on all kinds of topics.  I enjoyed the writing and the encouraging feedback I got from my interactions with the writing community spurned me on and even got me to enter last year’s NaNoWriMo where I wrote the first draft of my book.  Poetry was the gateway drug to my novel.  Since I’ve stated on the book my poetry has gone to a grinding halt.  I haven’t felt moved to write any more words according to stanza but have been focused on my book.


So what does this have to do with National Poetry Month? Well, it’s a nice reminder of why I started writing in the first place.  I like throwing words down and seeing what happens.  I enjoy telling stories or just expressing how I feel.  Thanks to poetry, I have become a writer.  It is my original muse that made me realize that I am capable of doing the work.  My ideas are good; I just need to find the best way to word them (editing my own stuff has been interesting).  On a month set aside for poetry, and finding recognition for the art form and love for the words, I wanted to do my part.





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