Back at it Again

Yesterday I finally broke through my rut and got my rewrite started.

It is a challenge in taking the notes from what I’ve received from my beta readers and applying the updates while still keeping the stuff that worked.  The story line has been updated.  Characters have been redone to be more important or developed.  I’m also changing from first person POV to third person POV.  This is pretty close to starting from scratch and I’m not that excited about the idea, but I have to remember it’s all for the best as far as the book is concerned.

After I finished the first chapter I was pretty happy with how it turned out. There weren’t places where I dropped big amounts of exposition and the antagonist was more of a character than a caricature.  Now on to chapter two.





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  1. melkcarter says:

    Wow. Switching PoV! That’s tough.

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