Finally Found Direction

Last week I made a bit of a break through.  I had been stuck in the rewrite of my book and I finally made some progress.  One part of my hang up was that a major storyline that I had in place before was being dropped and restructuring the plot was a challenge.  In doing so I tried to come back at the beginning in the same format of going back and forth between the two POV’s that I had.  The problem was that  since I dropped the one storyline, one of these characters wasn’t so major anymore and going back to write him wasn’t working.  Well, surprise, he isn’t a main character anymore.  The story needed to be done just from one person’s perspective.  This guy is still in the story and he’s still important, but the frame of how I was writing needed to change.  I was able to redo the outline just from one perspective and I got two chapters written last week. 


It feels good to finally be back in the swing of things.  It’s been frustrating to know that I want to write but for some reason, things have been harder than they have been.  I know times like this happen for everyone who sits down to put words on a page, but still.  Thanks to my critique partner, Amber, for the support and feedback on the first little bit. 


My writing group also met last week.  Feedback from them on the piece I did was good; everyone seemed to dig it.  My next writing prompt is supposed to be as a memoir.  The keywords we have don’t really fit with anything true to life, so I’m toying with doing a fictional memoir.  I think I have an idea for what I want to do here, but need to work out the details.


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