Of the Fates that Await Me (updated)

Of the fates that await me

I can stomach all but one

To stare at a mirrored visage

And find that I recognize no one

That I am no longer myself

With no idea where I am

How did I come to be in this place?

And what’s worse, knowing all that, and simply not give a damn


To feel myself slipping away

One day here and then gone the next

To know I’m losing my faculties

And pray that no one suspects

For who am I if not myself?

My ideas, my thoughts, and my dreams

My body is still here but my mind is going

No aspect of life is more mean


I know my knees will fail me

My back will no longer support

My eyes may go all together

But losing my mind is what I fear the most

For if though my body goes

In my mind, I’m still me

I’ll stay sharp, I’ll observe, I’ll understand everything

My creativity will help keep me free


But if I no longer have my wits about me

There I will no longer be

My physical self is not who I am

I am more than what others may see


I look at those who go on before

And I pray Dear God don’t let that be me

Take my body away and leave my true self

As in all things, I must wait and see



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