I Have a Confession to Make

Okay, so I have a confession to make. I’ve faltered a bit. I was off to a great start and was hitting it hard. My efforts were commendable and I had a great outlook on things, but I hit a wall and I stalled.

About this time last year, I was writing like no one’s business. I got a start in poetry pieces on all kinds of things and then attacked last year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). In my zeal I knocked out a first draft of 52,000 words in one month and followed the next month with a 70,000 word book to send to beta readers. I was on fire! My beta readers came through like rock stars. Being big book nerds themselves, they gave me a review and notes worth of a paid editor and had great things to say and things they would want to change. I agreed with almost all of it. So it’s about late February now and I sat down to start plotting a rewrite. That’s where I got stuck.

The summer was busy with it’s own summery things and I kept touch with writer stuff on Twitter and the like, and vowed to keep up with postings once a week for the blog, but you know how it goes. My work load at my job increased and soon I was preparing to direct a play at the theatre here (which I am now in rehearsals for). All this, while I had yet to sit down and write much of anything. I liked my story, I was resolved to get it done, I just had to focus.

So here we are on September 1, almost a full year since I had the audacity to start writing things in the first place. No better place to recommit and start than now. So, here’s the plan. I’ve got show stuff to do first, and the show will run through October 15th. After it closes, I’ll have two weeks to get that outline finished, which I’ve got some work done on already, and prepare it for November 1. Nothing else will be on my plate at that time and I can come back to churning out at least 1667 words a day to get that first draft done. Yes!

One would probably thinking, “Ok, Mitch. That sounds like a good plan and all, but what does that have to do with the blog? “ Well, person who may have thought that, I’m glad you asked. Before I tried to run this blog as a writing only blog, and maintain another as a journal/theatre blog. I couldn’t keep pace. Fact is, I’m a mixture of all these things, so that’s what the blog will be. Consider it a rebranding of sorts. This will be a blog about me. It will be what my thoughts are at the moment. It will be how my rehearsals and show is going. It will be my writing progress on the book. It will be samples of other things I’ve written. Whatever it needs to be, it will be.

So today, I’m encouraged. I hope you are too. If you find yourself sidetracked from something you really want to do or accomplish, know that it’s never too late to pick back up from where you were and continue. The only thing keeping your dream from becoming a reality is you. Stay with it and it will happen. I hope to lead by example. More to come soon


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  1. Tan M Butler says:

    I went through this exact thing, the writing and the blogging and am ready to get back into the swing of writing but will take a slower and easier approach. I found I was blogging more than writing my novel to the point where my priorities were all wrong. Hopefully this break has reset that. Hope you get back to your epic writing sessions!

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    1. Me too. I finally have a direction I like in the story and a new excitement to see it finished.

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