You Have the Right to Remain Dead

So, what’s going on? Well, I’m doing a show. I’m directing You Have the Right to Remain Dead. The play is a comedy murder mystery with audience participation written by Pat Cook. We have been in rehearsal for about two and a half weeks already and things are going well. We have had our share of challenges though.

I had to replace my set builder before we even started; he had issues with the theatre and felt he couldn’t’ commit to the show. I don’t agree with his choice but it was his to make and I’m very happy with the guy I have that will continue in his place. One of my actors found out that a mandatory schooling event was happening during our opening Friday and Saturday that he would have to participate in for his Master’s degree, so my producer found an understudy to cover for him. I found out this week that the same actor now must take up a second job and can’t do the show at all. His understudy just became his full replacement. I have an actress who fell during the closing performance of the previous show and now may need serious medical treatment for her hip/leg injury. She goes for an MRI scan soon to get the extent of the damage. My first thought is for her safety and health, so I hope she gets good news, but at the same time, I don’t need to replace another cast member because I may lose one to surgery and recuperation. We will see how that goes.

On top of that I’m having to share another cast member who is in a show that will wrap up in the middle of September, so I won’t really see her that much over the next two-three weeks. Another cast member is visiting family across the country in Alaska and won’t return until the end of next week. Ugh. The show must go on.

Go on it does. The set is going up and I’ve been getting a lot of support from everyone at the theatre, which has been great. Things look like they will come together okay; they usually do. It’s just getting there that sometimes is a challenge. The holiday weekend gives us our last break before we settle in to our rehearsal run all the way to show time. We are at that holding pattern where we can’t do a lot of growth on stage until the lines get memorized. Everyone is working very hard on this; I think we are all anxious to get started on the meat of the scenes.

The show is a funny one. The narrator comes out and goes over with the audience to set the scene where the patriarch of the family comes home from the hospital because he mysteriously fell down some stairs. He announces to everyone that he is bringing in a lawyer to change his will and testament. If the family members want to get their inheritance, they must act quickly. The twist is, when the dead body is revealed, it’s not who you expect. Now the actors doing the show must find out what really happened about a true murder and who did it. Was it someone in the cast? The crew? Or was it someone in the audience?

Our show opens October 6th and runs through October 15th.


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