Remember to Breathe…

The show is now within one month of opening night. Wednesday was one of those moments where something that always seemed to be far in the distance suddenly became just around the corner. I’ve told myself to focus and keep breathing several times this week.

Rehearsal Tuesday night went okay, even though I had only six of my ten cast members there. I’m doing my best to watch the stage, take notes as they go, and read the parts of four missing people all at the same time. With a show that has a cast this small, when a few people aren’t there, it really shows. We had another rehearsal last night, and even though I still had four missing people, I could watch more. We finally got our replacement actor on stage for Act 1 and he did a great job of picking things up and getting where he was supposed to be. My concern now is if he will be able to get the lines memorized well enough. He’s still new to the cast so I want to give a little more allowance his way, but he still has the same amount of work to do as everyone else. I have some other cast members who nearly have their lines down completely. Now they just need to clean things up to make sure they say the lines as written vs what they would say themselves. It’s nitpicky stuff, but I want them to be as correct on the lines as they can be.

I’m a little worried about one of my cast members. She fell during the last show and still has an injury to her hip. She was able to get a MRI scan this week to determine the extent of her injury, but she won’t get the results till Tuesday. The doctors have told her it’s a break of some kind in her hip, but weather it’s a hairline fracture that just needs time to heal or something more severe that requires surgery, we have yet to hear. She is personally hoping that she can avoid surgery, not only because she doesn’t want to miss the show, but she doesn’t want to do surgery herself. I’ve told her the priority is whatever is best for her health, and she agrees, but still wants to avoid it if possible.

I was able to touch base with my stage manager who will be at rehearsal Tuesday night. He will watch rehearsals next week and bring in the stage crew shortly thereafter. In the meantime he will be getting the sound effects that the script calls for. My props person picked up the prop list last night and she will start getting stuff together. Things are coming together.


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