After the Hurricane, We are Still Here

We lost a rehearsal this week due to the weather from Hurricane Irma, but we were able to get back to business on Tuesday and Thursday. We are one week away from being officially off book for rehearsals and some of the actors are getting nervous. They’ve made a lot of headway on their lines, but they aren’t quite there yet. I decided to make Saturday’s rehearsal a focus on some select scenes and sections of the show that needed some intensive work. This will allow us to clean up some bits and get some rougher parts worked out. I know the actors who have the bigger parts at the end were anxious about how it was going. Knowing we will focus on that made them feel better.
Another bit of good news: the actress that fell and hurt her hip was told she did not need surgery. Whew! She didn’t’ want to do surgery and I didn’t want to look at making special arrangements for an injury or even possibly replacing an actor this close to opening. Of course, her health was priority, but this show has had enough challenges already. We were happy not to have another one.

The set is coming along. It’s mostly there with only a few bits of trimming left for doors and windows. After that we can pour on some set decorating and we should be good to go. I’m meeting with our costumer this afternoon to discuss what each actor needs. I got a rough draft of what our program looks like. It’s proofreading time!

I still have a lot of follow up to do. I need to touch base with my stage manager to make sure he is on schedule with lights and sound and I need to follow up with props. Overall, things are looking good. I’m just nervous that I’m forgetting something. We will have a lot of things get added in all at the same time.


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