No Mental Breakdown Yet

Okay, first up: show update. We had a rehearsal Saturday where I had a few scenes that we ran over several times to do some more focus on them. I know from my own experiences on stage, these kinds of rehearsals helped me out a lot when I was trying to get lines or timing. I hope these did the same for my own actors. We were going to have everyone all together to take a publicity picture to send out to the newspapers, but it turned out one of our group couldn’t make rehearsal. He told me about two hours before hand. So…we still had a good picture, but I still have yet to have a rehearsal where everyone is able to get there. This is really becoming frustrating, but I know other shows have gone through worse. Still…

I was able to touch base with some crew people this weekend and we should start seeing some more stuff come in. The set is nearly done and we have had some props pulled. Slowly but surely things are happening. I’m still hunting for a light board operator. We have a few ideas, I hope to make some calls this week to fix that, but I have a problem of not thinking about stuff unless I’m directly working on it. It’s something I’m working on. When I can think to work on it.

Next: Soccer. Finally, my son has his first soccer game today. This is his first year playing soccer (any sports at all) and he’s excited. We should have started games two weeks ago, but the past two games have been rained out. Today looks to cooperate with us though, so we should be able to get started. We will have one game tonight and then another game tomorrow. There isn’t a whole lot you will expect from 4 and 5-year-olds, but we will cheer just the same.

And other stuff: I’m making more of an effort to journal own my own. I started this past Friday and will work to get an entry for every day, even if it’s a short blurb for the day. I’m not working on a specific format or anything. It may be a story about my day, or a list of some kind, or just quick bullet points. Whatever I can do to get into the habit. I’m also trying my hand at some art/notes in an old worn out Bible of mine. I’m hoping it’s a way to get back and read somewhat on a regular basis. I sit down with a page (currently I’m working my way through the book of Matthew) and see what resonates with me about what I’m reading. I’m then using colored pencils to draw something; an image, or phrasing…whatever hits me at the moment. While I’m drawing, I’m reading and meditating on what I’m drawing over. The colored pencils are light enough that you can still read everything on the page, so I’m not defacing it in any way where I can’t read it. If I do this enough, I’ll have a whole Bible full of inspired art from the page. We will see how that goes.

I’m also casting a net to see what interesting blogs are out here. I’m looking for more journal/this is part of my life kind of blogs, so if anyone has anything that fits the bill, or knows of one they love to read, I’d love to see a link to it below.


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