You Aren’t Going to Believe This!

Ok, so this is what happened.

After work on Friday (two weeks from opening night of my show) I get a call from the father of one of my cast members. He told me that she checked herself into a hospital where they have admitted her for a few days and she won’t know exactly when she will be able to come home. She asked him to contact me and let me know she wouldn’t be able to do the show.

I’m sorry; whaaaaat?

I asked if there was anything we could do for her and I hope she gets better. He told me that there wasn’t anything we could do and she just needed time to rest and get better.

If all this sounds very general and cryptic, that’s because it is. I have a feeling that other things are going on there that they just aren’t telling me, but the fact of the matter is, whatever is going on with her, she needs to get better. I sincerely hope that happens.

I now needed to cast someone to replace her in this role and I’m two weeks away. I had two people in my mind as possible people to go to. One was already on stage crew and I knew she would be there for the run of the show. Turns out, she has a mandatory thing for work that would keep her from being there on closed dress rehearsal and opening night, so no go there. My other person had emailed me at auditions to let me know that if I needed anything for the show to let her know. The theatre was in the midst of auditions for Legally Blonde and I knew she was there so I went over and asked if she would take the role. She graciously accepted.

The next morning was our first Saturday morning rehearsal and I explained things to the cast. Everyone seemed to take things well and we moved on (as the show tends to do). We are now in full runs of the show this week leading to adding the technical elements this weekend for a Full-Dress Rehearsal on Sunday afternoon. We are in the home stretch on this one.

I’m entertaining maybe bringing in the occasional post of poetry pieces. It’s what got me started on writing and I kind of miss it. I’ve got a ton of stuff going on this week with the show, prepping for Pastor Appreciation Sunday at church (I’m MC’ing the event), getting my son to 3 soccer games, and you know, laundry and stuff like that.


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