Held by Your Words

Of all the tools that you possess
It is your words that I love most
In a single word you cast out distress
And remove my burdensome yoke
Just like your touch your words give a shiver
Your voice a soft caress
Close by my side or miles away
My need I feel pressed to confess

The smell of your skin, the sound of your smile
My memory springs forth into action
False reality made from my deepest desire
Secure from any distraction
Your touch I feel from no more than sound
As air escapes your lips
My senses undone and reason confound
Transfixed by the touch of your hips

I am lost there with you in time without end
In shadowed recesses of fiction
What you say leaves me flayed and out on display
You are my deepest and darkest addiction
The reality of you is beyond compare
I would drink in your lips till I died
But the words that you leave I take off with me
Forever preserved in my mind


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