Here’s Something About Me You May Not Know

I’ll have another post soon about how the show is going, but today I felt like getting some thoughts out there. I manage a couple of outlets on social media. I’ve got a Facebook profile, a Twitter account, a blog on WordPress, and a Tumblr account that I ignore and just push my blog to. Out of all this, I pick and choose what I post because I know there are different people who read them.

Facebook doesn’t have any of my writing or journaling posts. Facebook is where my friends and family are and ironically, I barely post anything that has to do with what I’m thinking day to day or what I’m working on. If I someday get a book deal and am about to publish, I’ll post about writing then, but for now, not so much. People in my life know that I write and am working on a book, but most of them aren’t really the writer kind of people, so to post “another great day for outlining”, no one really would get it.

WordPress is the closest view into my brain as it gets online. I can choose to push my posts on my blog to go to Twitter or Tumblr, but there are some that I keep solely for the blogging crowd. I get to speak my mind and as far as I know, no one from my friends and family world follow me on WordPress, much less know that I’m on here. Yes, I ‘ve started my own journal where I can write my thoughts down and talk about how my day went, but there is some sense of community here that I need the interaction with. I can post about writing and theatre and there are those out here that would find it interesting. I can post some random poetry and people here would dig it. I can post a bit on random stuff I’m thinking about and there are those of you out there that would empathize with what’s in my brain (bless you people). Not every idea I entertain is one I would share with friends and family. It’s not part of who I am around my social circles. It’s not like I’m messed up or traumatized by any means, but it may be thoughts on sex (which happens quite a lot) or something I found online that is some dark imagery that I think looks beautiful. There would be plenty of things that I would “like” or “share” that people around here would be pretty surprised with, so I’ll just not mix the two worlds.

Twitter is a good marriage of the two. I post about writing mostly and I know I have friends who follow me on Twitter, but I have no real idea if they follow me that closely. I’ve made some great contacts out there that I’ve followed up on to follow their blogs on WordPress or their Instagram profiles (oh yeah, I’m on Instagram too). I frequent Twitter a good bit, but I hesitate to post anything too steamy or dark on there cause, again, I know my activity shows up on the notifications of others who would take a double take if they see me retweet a hot chick in stockings, or like that drawing of a dark angel or something equally gothic looking (you know what kind of stuff I mean). What can I say, I drift into the darker stuff sometimes.

I say all that to say, even out here, I may sensor myself sometimes. I’m working to not do that. Everyone needs an outlet and I think WordPress may be my best one. Not to say that anything I do on any of my other outlets isn’t valid or the truth from me, because it is, but there are other parts of me I choose to be very selective about. I think we are all like this to some degree, some maybe more than others. Either way, when I did a soft reboot (best term I suppose) for this blog in September, I said this would be whatever I needed it to be. Today is just some talking points to see if others get it. Does anyone else use different outlets for different purposes? Do you find yourself editing yourself because you know who might be reading? I’d love to know what you think.


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  1. A says:

    I feel you! I also have different “personalities” for my different social media accounts. My posts usually depends on my viewers, readers, or followers, and of course my mood. I recently changed my username on Instagram and Twitter because I don’t like displaying my full name online due to identity theft issues (just a little it paranoid) except for email and LinkedIn since they serve different purpose.

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    1. I’ve always been hesitant about displaying my full name too. You never know who will come across your profile. Some people are the same across all different apps and sites, but others change from one to the other depending on they want from it. Happy to know I’m not the only one.

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