Preparing Our Final Approach

There’s been a lot since I’ve given a show update last. Over the weekend, we had our tech rehearsal and first full dress rehearsal.

Saturday was the tech rehearsal. We went through the show and skipped to the different light and sound cues we have in the show to make sure timing on these is good and everything transitions well. Technically, this is a fairly simple show. We have a few blackouts and a section where there is a sound effects tape that is left on play that gives random sound effects. It’s a funny bit. We have a blackout where our stage manager fires blanks from a gun. We were going at it on Saturday from 10am to about 12:30.

Sunday afternoon was the full-dress rehearsal. Here was the first time all our elements came together. Lights were ready to go. Everyone was in costume. All (most) of our props were on set. It was also the first time we went without a prompter. Yeah, that was fun. About 90% of the show was in good shape line-wise, but when they hit those road blocks, things came to a halt. They got through it though and I sent them home with where they needed to go back and look at their lines. Monday night we started with our show time schedule. The theatre is open at 5:30 so the cast can get there and get ready to do whatever it is they need to do to make a 7:00 show time. Monday night was better as far as pacing and complete stops went, but more lines were fudged and paraphrased. Well…ok. We still had some work to do.

We were dark last night so the cast could take a break and I could make my son’s soccer game. Tonight, is our open dress rehearsal. On the open dress, we invite our board of directors and some other select individuals to come and see the show so the cast can have a sample audience before they actually open. Having a live crowd is a big difference. Especially with a comedy. Even more so when the show is dependent on some audience interaction. I’m looking forward to it and I know the cast is. It’s a funny show and they are doing a great job. I’m hoping getting some people in front of them is that final push to get them to where they need to be. We shall see…

I’ve made some inroads along my outline for my NaNoWriMo project. I’m down to setting up the final act for the story so I should be able to get that down and then give it a good look over before I start writing in November. The bugger is, today I had a great idea for a horror book where I take something like Alzheimer’s and crank it up to 11. This super disease can hit anyone from about 25 years old and up and it escalates quickly. It’s a mass epidemic that no one really knows what to do about it. There is no clear cause and no one can tell how its spreading so fast and why it is affecting people so young. In the span of a few days (or sooner, it varies) you will go through all the symptoms of the disease and then become erratic and combative. Soon the mass populace forgets who they are and start striking out against one another. The idea here is to mimic the feel of a mass hysteria/zombie story, but still encompass the loss of the personality of a loved one or even yourself. One of my greatest fears is succumbing to Alzheimer’s so I figured address it head on. I don’t have a narrative yet, just a concept, but I really like it. I may have to choose from between two outlines for NaNoWriMo by the time November 1 comes around.


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