So…I have a confession. Going into November I was geared up for NaNoWriMo and had everything set. Well, I hit a bit of a speedbump. I had a business trip come up on November 1st and 2nd, and then other life related things come up over the weekend. Confession:

I haven’t started yet.

I know, I know! Holy crap, man, you are now 6 days in with NOTHING? Yes, half the time I have legitimately been busy, but I know I could have at least had something started. So what’s the deal?

Well, part of it is that it has been a while since I’ve sat down and written anything. I mean, I’ve done some blog posts and articles along with a few pieces of poetry, but nothing like a piece of prose. I feel very much out of practice. Another thing is, for some unknown reason, I’m simply hesitant to start. Maybe I’m only looking at the mountain of work I know is ahead of me. I mean, I did this last year with gusto, what’s the deal now? I’ll have to carve out time to work on my stuff in addition to everything else I’m doing at home. I don’t have the spare time I had this time last year, I’ll need to be more proactive.

I haven’t given up, although I feel like I’m starting going uphill, but I just need a good sprint (or several) and I’ll be back where I want to be. In the meantime, I cheer everyone else on. I see a lot of awesome progress that others are doing on Twitter and other platforms. Everyone keep up the great work. Please let me know how you are doing on your novel below. I’d love to see your progress. Until next time, where I vow to present a word count.


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