I was so gonna write Monday, but then…

I swear I thought I had posted something on Monday, but low and behold, I didn’t. My bad. Totally on me. Monday was kind of a rough day. Want to hear about it? Thanks. Pull up a seat.

Work itself wasn’t too terrible. I got what I needed done for the day and my ongoing projects are still ongoing. I did have the idea to work on a poetry collection. Like I didn’t have enough to do already, right? Being published recently has made me think about writing poetry again but after a little research, I don’t see much of a publishing market for it. At least traditionally. Several of my writing friends have had good success on Wattpad, so that’s where my idea came to a head. I’ll assemble a collection of around 50 to 60 pieces and release them there. Maybe, like, 10 at a time. I’ve been thinking on themes or what I would want to make them about and so far, I’m toying with telling an overarching story of a relationship from beginning to end and then maybe on to a new beginning. I’m still brainstorming. If any of my lovely readers out there have any ideas of what you’d like to read, let me know in the comments.

The rough part of my day was after work. From my job to home, I have a ten-minute drive. Along this drive, I was moving past a line of cars that had become a little stopped up due to traffic. As I was almost finished in passing them a car from the oncoming lane tried to turn through my lane and hit my car. I tried to turn the other way to avoid it, but I was not so lucky. Good news: no one was hurt. Bad news: now I have to deal with a car accident. The driver of the other car was a 19-year-old kid that got a ticket for not having a driver’s license. At least the car he was driving had insurance. The police came by to document the accident and told me I could pick up the police report the next day. My front driver side headlight is smashed and I have body damage to the front driver side of the car. My car is generally a piece of junk anyway so what it would take to fix this is going to be more than what the car is worth. I’m trying to look at this as God putting his foot down and telling me to get a new car.

I was still able to drive the car (at least that’s some good news) and I got home and was getting ready to take a shower and de-stress a little. As I stepped into the dark bathroom (I’m in the process of turning on the light switch) I step straight into dog mess. The dog has decided to drop his business all over the bathroom mat. My anger at the day has just been cranked to 11; had the dog not been outside to pee I would have laid into the dirty animal. I stick my heel into the shower and clean off, then take care of disposing of the rest of what was on the matt before sticking it in the washing machine. I finally get a shower.

My plan for the day had been to write all kinds of stuff, but my brain was not in the composing mood. I hope to get another chapter or two done towards my novel by the end of the week and get some new pieces of poetry done. Poetry is easier to finagle at work than writing an entire novel. I figure poetry at work and then chapters at home. That’s the plan anyway.


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