Plans for January and Beyond!

Going into 2018, I wanted to give myself a better shot at being more productive through the year. I had more consistency in journaling and keeping up with blog posts, but it was more reacting to the week and keeping up with the schedule I had made in my head. At the start of a new month and a new year, I want to be more proactive. So, I will be making goals for myself to stay on task. Some will be short term goals (monthly), some will be quarterly goals, and I will lay out some yearly goals. I want something to show at the end of 2018.

Goals for January:
Write 20,000 words towards my current WIP. Last month was slow and I want to buckle down and do the darn thing. The main reason I could finish NaNoWriMo in 2016 (let’s not talk about 2017) was that I set clear goals for myself. I’m not going to think that I can knock out a full novel in a month, but I can do a good bit of progress. Setting 20K words gives me less than 1000 words per day and this is very doable. If I do more, than great. On January 1st, I managed to take care of 1106 words. I’m off to a good start.

Lose 5 Pounds. I have been watching my weight slowly go up all last year and I did nothing about it. No longer! I need to lose some weight. I know my schedule will be flexible from day to day so getting regular exercise will be a challenge, but I can control my diet. Losing weight gradually has a better chance of keeping it off, so my goals will be small and steady. Five pounds comes down to about a little over a pound a week and I can do this. I’m going to cut my drinks down to water only (except coffee in the morning, let’s not get crazy) and not going back for seconds in meals or upsizing my food. If I can keep this up for a week, then I can adjust more in February. One step at a time.

Post at least 9 Blog Posts on WordPress. This should be a good one. I have been pretty good at keeping up with two blog posts a week and looking ahead at January this keeps my same schedule. Going one step further, I’m trying to plan as to what some of the posts will be. Maybe I can do some ahead of time and mark them to post later. So far not all of them will be down on a calendar, but some will help me out in the long run. I’m hoping these will become easier as I go.

Post at least 23 Writerly posts on Instagram. In general, I want to make better use of my social media and be more consistent across Twitter, Instagram, and WordPress. Instagram is the platform that I have badly neglected and I want to change that. My goal is to post something at least once a day on each weekday to something writing related. It can be something encouraging, a good quote, or maybe a picture of my workspace. I’m hoping this can be encouraging to me to stay on top of my writing and even help others. Who knows? Yay, Instagram. Feel free to find me on there under Marvel_Zombie.

Read at least one book. This is part of a larger goal to read at least one book each month towards a yearly goal, but to make it easier to obtain, I’m going to break down into my monthly goals too. I’m also going to use this to add content to the blog in the form of a monthly book review. Look at me go! The best writers are also regular readers. If I want to improve my own skills, I need to be a readin.

1st Quarter Goals

I don’t have anything specific here that is outside of my monthly goals. So adding up my regular goals from January, February, and March, I hope to have written 60K words towards my WIP, lost 15 pounds, and read 3 books. Lots of WordPress and Instagram posts will be included.

2018 Goals

These are my big picture goals for the year. Exactly when and how these will happen, I’m not sure, but If I keep looking at them, I have a better chance of saying I accomplished these at the end of the year.

Move into a house. My wife and I have been looking at a few houses, but nothing has been too great so far. We are hoping that spring will bring us more luck.

Finish the 1st draft of my novel rewrite. Staying on top of my writing goals month to month should get me there. I’m hoping to have a total goal towards my book anywhere between 65K and 75K. Depending if I get on a roll, I may be able to check this one off after my first quarter.

Edit 1st Draft and send to beta readers. This one I’m thinking I may be able to do towards the end of my second quarter. I can get to work once that draft is done. This goal will be in flux on its timing though. I also will need some betas who can read. I may have my readers that helped me out the first time, but I would like another one to two other readers to give some perspective. I will start to put out some feelers for readers in a few months.

Send WIP to an editor in the 4th Quarter. Now we are starting to sound professional, right? Sending my book to an editor will mean that I got feedback from my betas and was able to come back with edits and revisions again. I want to get a professional look at the book by the end of the year. If things go well and depending on how fast this happens, I may be able to start querying the book to agents in December or the beginning of 2019. Woot-woot!

Lose a total of 30 pounds. People, I seriously weigh too much. So my first weight goal is to weigh less than 200 pounds. Doing a little bit over the year can get me there if I’m focused. Planning and writing out my goals will help get me there. My general health needs to improve and losing the weight will help with a lot of that stuff.

My yearly goals may change as the year goes along, so we will see where we are and how those will change. I’m looking to have a busy year and I can’t wait to get started. What goals are you setting for yourself in 2018? What are you doing to help achieve them? I’d love to hear what’s going on with you in the comments.


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