Life Forced a Writing Break, but that’s Okay.

This past weekend has been long, emotionally heavy, and rough on the family. Any plans I had for writing towards my WIP goal have been put on the back burner for the past week and a half so I can best attend family stuff.

I’m not going to break down the weekend; just suffice it to say we lost a family member and many aunts and uncles on my wife’s side will be dealing with their grief for a while.

I haven’t been able to write anything for nearly a week and I finally caught my journal up on the week’s events. My plan is to sit down over the next few days and get my art and add ins taped and put into place so the gaping areas of blank paper make sense. Its times like these I’m glad I have a journal to pour into. It allows me to “speak” the thoughts in my head and be free from any judgement. I know some of my own frustration on family things could be (and probably should be) construed as tacky or insensitive, so it helps to have an outlet for some of them.

I’m sure it would be different if things were on my own side of the family, but I can’t help but think differently. Let’s just say it was an interesting opportunity to observe human behavior.

Moving on, with the last week being what it was, I don’t think I will hit any of the goals I’ve set for myself. I like my plan though. I’ve been on top of my reading goals and I was on track to hit my word count goal for the month, but then understandably, things came up.

Looking ahead to February, things look good. I should be able to get back at it and get my WIP going again. I’m still pouring over two books that will keep me going for my goals there. I’ve got some posts already planned throughout the month. So, basically, I just wanted to post something to say I’m still here. I’m still writing and I haven’t quit. I don’t want to drop the ball on what I want to do, especially after a great start this month. Things come up in life and we can’t help it when they do, but we can help how we react to them.

If you find yourself derailed from whatever you are working towards, I want to encourage you to press on. Keep at it. What you are working on is important and you will see the value of your work when you stick with it and finish. More coming soon. Until then, stay with it and press on.


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