150 Day Journal Challenge: Day 23 – Your Life Story in One Paragraph

This is a good exercise if you want to see what the highlights of your life are. There is a lot of story here that didn’t make it into the paragraph, but nonetheless, here it is.

I grew up in Alabama with my parents and younger sister. I was big into the community theatre and loved pop culture. In college things started out well but the longer I was there the worse it got. I came home without a diploma and started looking for work. I moved among a few jobs while I met the woman who would eventually be my wife. We started out friends, but eventually started dating. We lived in Florida for a year and then moved back. I had some rough adjustments getting used to being married and caused a fair amount of trouble sharing my problems and challenges and things almost didn’t work out until they got better. Now we have a new house, a great five-year-old, and continue to move towards a new future.


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