150 Day Journal Challenge: Day 24 – What Would Make Your Life Complete?

This may sound like a cop out, but I don’t feel like I’m missing anything specific in life.

I have a family and everyone is happy and healthy. I have a job I enjoy (for the most part) and I’m doing well to look at move up in the company. We have a new house and are doing well with moving in and making it our own.

Progress with writing is going well. I completed my outline and I’m starting my rough draft tomorrow.

Life is good at the moment. Maybe the only thing that would fit any kind of thing I’m looking for is a close friend that isn’t compartmentalized by where I see them or who else we share friends with. Yeah, I’ll say a close friend that we hang out together and do a variety of things with. These kind of relationships are hard to cultivate when you have children and other responsibilities to fulfill. Maybe when my son is a little older. Who knows?


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